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About Us

Stone Fort Outdoors makes your camping, hiking, and overlanding adventures more effortless and fun. Value, Reliability, and Customer Satisfaction are the core values that drive the team here at Stone Fort Outdoors. Being outdoor folks ourselves, we understand there is nothing more frustrating than getting that new piece of gear only to see it fail to meet your expectations or, worse, break into a million pieces! That feeling is the very reason we’re always working to serve you the best highest-quality products in a convenient, trusted online store.

We’re on a mission to become the premier outdoor product choice by providing solid value for all the products we sell, only selling reliable products, and having the highest customer satisfaction marks of any online outdoor products store.

We here at Stone Fort Outdoors have been in the hiking & camping world for many years, and it excites us just like it excites you! We live and breathe this lifestyle. If it were possible, we would be in the woods, hiking the mountains, canoeing the streams, or exploring the deserts of this great country (and some of Canada) every day! We are committed to giving you the best outdoor experience through our products.

One of the things our customers’ love most about Stone Fort Outdoors is our love of the outdoors and how we offer guidance and help when selecting our products. We don’t just sell these products; we USE these products when we are on our adventures.

However, there is one other thing that is special about Stone Fort Outdoors ...

To us, you’re more than a are our friends and part of our family. So we always look forward to hearing from you about what you love and how you think we could make our customer experience even better! Please don’t be afraid to reach out to us on our Contact Page and let us know what you’re thinking.

We don’t do things the traditional way. We believe that people who love the outdoors, believe in leaving no trace mantra, and want to live a life weighed by experiences which embodies the lifestyle we strive for daily. 

If you have any questions about Stone Fort Outdoors or our products, don’t be afraid to reach out! I look forward to hearing from you, my friends. I want to build a relationship with each of you and look forward to hearing from you. If you have questions, comments, or even suggestions for products, please email me at I will personally respond to any email I receive.

Warmest Regards,

B Keith McAdams