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The Ultimate Camping Gear List

The Ultimate Camping Gear List

Camping Gear 

Camping is one of the best ways to go outside, relax, enjoy and become more close to nature. There are two different types of camping, i.e., backcountry camping and car camping. Backcountry camping term is used when you pack all your camping essentials in a backpack and car camping is a term used when your camping gear is easily packed in your vehicle. This blog focuses on car camping gear.

Basic camping gear includes following items which will be separately discussed later. This list includes tent, sleeping bag, sleeping bags, sleeping Pads, pillow, headlamp, kitchen, camping chairs, foldable chairs and first aid kits.

I). Tent

Tent is the basic necessity of every kind of camping. Tent is going to be your shelter for the trip. There are different brands, various sizes and styles of tents to meet your needs. You have to choose a tent having special features to help you protect from wind, rain and mosquitoes.  There are also different sizes of tents including one person tent, two person tent, three person tent, four person tent and so on.

II). Sleeping Pad, Sleeping Bag, Pillow:

 Discussing two camping essentials are sleeping bags and sleeping pads. Sleeping pads have two functions. It provides you cushion from ground and insulation. Sleeping bags also have two features it provides warmth and comfort at night. When buying sleeping bags you will see they have temperature ratings. Its temperature rating indicates the lower temperature at which the sleeping bag was designed to keep the average sleeper warm. Make sure your sleeping bag is warm enough for the area you are going to camp.

Some of the people might consider pillow as a luxury item for camping. But it actually provides comfort at night when you are sleeping in your tent.

III). Headlamp:          

Headlamps are one of the most essential camping gear accessories when you are around the campsite in the dark. Headlamps allow your hands to be free which is very helpful when you are camping in a forest. For more illumination around your campsite you can also use LED Lights or Lanterns.

IV). Camp Kitchen:

Camping kitchen is also one of the most important gear when you are listing Camping gear. What and how much camp kitchen you should bring depends on how much you want to cook. Main camp kitchen gear includes water cooler or water bottles for drinking water, plates, bowls, cutlery, and a stove. You can also make simple and delicious meals only with just a stove and a cast iron stove. Camp kitchen should be as simple as possible. Many people take many unnecessary camp kitchen items with them.

V). Camping Furniture:

Camp furniture mostly includes camping chairs and foldable tables. Camping chairs are typically foldable and are very easy to transport. They are very helpful if you want to relax around the campfire. Foldable tables are very useful for camp cooking and for preparing meals or playing card games.

VI). First Aid Kit:

First aid kit is one of the most essential item every camper should have with them when they are camping in dispersed campsites. Make sure everyone knows how to use items properly present in the med kit.