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The Complete Camping Food List

The Complete Camping Food List

Food is a major part of outdoor camping. While going to the campsite you can also take coolers along with you full of delicious food. Either away camping food can make or break a trip. There are two kinds of backpacking meals for camping. One type requires a stove and the other type is a non-stove backpacking meal. We will discuss both.

I). Non-Stove Backpacking Meals:

Discussing some of the non-cooking or non-stove backpacking meals are No-Cook oatmeal, dehydrated yogurt, sandwich, dehydrated salad and energy bars, etc. These foods do not require cooking they are ready to eat any time. They are very nutritious and healthy for campers.

Oatmeal is very good for breakfast. Mixed in some dried fruits or nuts can make it more delicious. You should prepare your oatmeal recipe a night before your trip.

Dehydrated yogurt is also stove-less backpacking meals for breakfast. For making its recipe all you need to do is to dehydrate yogurt, once dehydrated use a coffee grinder to make its powder then pack it into a freezing plastic pack and your breakfast recipe is ready. Every morning during camping days just add water to the powder and add your favourite nuts to make it more delicious. Sandwich is the best option for lunch.

Sandwiches also contain ingredients that remain good without refrigerating. Dehydrated salad is also a good option for lunch. Just like a sandwich it also contains ingredients that remain good without refrigerating even for many days. Jerky or energy bars are an excellent source of protein. They provide instant energy. They are very good to keep as a non-cook food with you when you are going camping. 

II). Stove Backpacking Meals:

These backpacking meals need a stove to get fully prepared for eating. Some of the best Stove backpacking are trail potatoes, eggs, quesadilla, soup, ramen, mac, and cheese, etc. potatoes are simple, high-calorie food for camping. Eggs are also best for camping. Easy to cook and are highly nutritious.

Quesadilla is made simply from tortillas and cheese and added black beans and refined beans. Soup is also a portion of good and healthy food for campers, it also provides instant energy and is also easy to cook. Chicken noodle soup is very popular especially when camping during the winter season. You can even buy a can or a box for soup. Pasta and noodle dishes have always been a vital role in the camping food list.

Ramen is not a cheap and affordable meal but it's also easy to prepare and healthy. Instant ramen noodles always work well. You can also add corn, green beans, red beans, and onions almost every time. Mac and cheese are fully loaded with carbohydrates which provides plenty of energy to you when you are camping. It is the instant cooking recipe for backpacking meals.

Couscous is also a good item in the backpacking meals list. It needs constant boiling to be fully prepared. It is a not very expensive and you can afford it easily. Just be assured to be prepared before you head out for an amazing adventure.